Diablo Lake Hike

Should we or should we not – continue the hike and finish it at the suspension bridge? That was the question at our lunch spot overlooking Ross Lake and the Ross Lake Dam. We had some 2.75 miles climbing 730 ft behind us in beautiful summer weather. Solstice couldn’t be better! Everybody in the group of 4 enjoyed the hike in warm temperature but not too hot so far and everybody was in good shape. Continuing would mean to add another 1.2 miles and a drop down of 650 ft before we turn around and walk the whole way back. The promise to see a nice waterfall was the deciding factor and we all voted for continuing – and in the end were glad we did. Everybody in the group finished the 7.9 mile hike with a smile on their face and was looking forward to getting into the Diablo Lake on the beach behind the parking lot for a swim. It was very refreshing (maybe a bit on the cold side) and exactly what we needed to start our drive back to Bellingham. I indicated that hike as one of my favorites at the hiking announcement and it did not disappoint this time either. I hope the group agrees with me and I thank them for joining me and being so positive of expanding it to the full experience.

We realized that the turquoise water of Diablo Lake is much more pronounced compared to  Gorge or Ross Lake. Why is that?

The pictures will be posted on Flickr shortly.

Thanks, Fritz