Litter Patrol – Spring 2021

It was as sweet a Spring day as you could want for a litter patrol of miles 37-39 of the Mt Baker Hwy.  Temps were in the low to mid 60’s, sunny, with a light breeze.  With the Club President in attendance, everyone was on his best behavior.
After a long winter, the first litter patrol of the year has always been the heaviest, and today did not disappoint.  Two teams of two fully filled six and a half bags of bottles, cans, paper, plastic, ski hats and gloves, cigarette butts, and some yucky stuff.  But as usual** nothing of value was found.  Well, Fritz did make off with some kind of magnetic sun shield for a car.  The most unusual find was a fully inflated inner tube:  really fat, with a tiny center hole–perfect for snow sliding.
In my last October report I noted the dirty Club sign and my intention to clean it.  After scrubbing it with a brush and soapy water this morning, I realized that the surface was actually damaged.  Group consensus was that someone with a shotgun took exception to our sign.  
Thank you to Prez Michael D, Mike R, and Fritz for gangbuster litter patrolling today.  Next patrol will be in mid July
**other than a few coins over the years.

Intrepid Cleanup Crew