Baker Lake North Hike

One hearty hiker joined me for Saturday’s Baker Lake North outing.

We’ll call this one, “Lois and Clark trailblaze along Baker Lake”, as the plethora of wind-blown downed trees along the Baker Lake North trail was a challenge for Laura and I to navigate at times.  Bridges and most the trail were in great shape but our WTA friends will need more than a weekend to clear all the downed trees along the trail.  One section had a large enough patch that we ended up getting lost on our way to the continuation of the trail.  More than once we took off backpacks, tossed them over logs, and slid through gaps or slithered along on the ground getting under a downed tree.  Once we arrived at Noisy Creek Campground there were groups camping though it appeared that perhaps they rowed across the lake.  The Lake is down considerably, I’ve never seen it this low.  Beautiful day for sure, really glad we live in an area that allows us to get to a hike like this and back home that same afternoon.  Pics added to our Flickr account shortly.

Temps rested in the 70’s, very little wind Saturday, and our distance was 12 miles with a cumulative 1130’ elevation gain.  Photos on the club’s Flickr account.