Bike for Pie

It was grand to finally get out riding together today and National Pie Weekend was a great excuse to do so.  We had mild sunny weather for March 13 and no wind to speak of in the valley.  A very happy group of riders mostly in cheerful bicycle yellow jackets were raring to go.  We had the pleasure of 4 new members come out today.  After a welcome back to all and a review of bicycle safety rules for group rides, it was noted everyone had signed the new on-line sign up and co-vid waiver. 
A ride together is fun but riding in small groups is even better and my personal preference.  We broke into 2 small groups and timed ourselves about 3 minutes apart which worked very well.  We presented as 2 separate parties the entire ride.  Small groups are much more flexible, it is easier to stay together and our sweep – the last rider in each group – could quickly catch up with their pack.  Cars appreciated small because they could pass us in quick and safe order.  I think many of us remained masked while riding and all remembered masking at Schuh’s when not eating.  
Schuh Farms was bright and cheerful this first weekend of the season (open and serving pie until December holidays) and not too busy when our groups arrived.  Everyone enjoyed their many choices for a slice of pie and the coffee was delicious.  Weekend traffic is always greater than on a weekday but it was worth the increased activity to enjoy this special day together.
I thank everyone for coming out and I am very pleased to say a few people agreed to lead bike rides this year.  There won’t be more bike rides unless folks step up.  I will not be posting Bike Thursday rides this year.  I will on occasion offer rides for some weekdays and am happy to assist any new leader needing a little encouragement.  Tom and I would really like to join someone else’s ride.  Remember – lead five rides and you get a $50. REI certificate!  And that’s a good thing.