Whitehorse Bike Trail

Whitehorse Trail has so much to offer, far more than what we all rode on Thursday.
I want to share to share a few notes with you to expand your future riding opportunities.  All of the ride photos have finally been posted just now on our MBC Flickr page.My map is also posted on the MBC Calendar page – click on Thur Oct 29 link.
This is not my usual BB# route map showing what we did.  This is the entire Whitehorse Trail from Arlington to Darrington, the overall length is about 27 miles.  The first 3 or so miles from the Centennail Trail are closed due to a very significant blow out by the Stilliguamish River to it’s embankment and damage to the trail plus the final train bridge needs to be modified for people access.  Someday this will be repaired and opened but damage is very big dollars and that takes time to arrange.  
Meanwhile we have about 23-24 miles of continuous riding to enjoy from the Trafton Park Trailhead out to Darrington.  My map shows you how to get to Trafton trailhead, just before mile marker 25.  There are a handful of roads that cross the trail providing room for a few cars, so you can ride different increments of the trail at a time.  Whitman Rd around mile marker 35 and Swede Heaven Rd between markers 43 and 44 are easy choices.  Darrington is approximately 48-49 mile marker.  Google Maps can find these road points.  The trail itself is in the Google Maps system but Google can not provide mileage on the trail from point to point.  SP&R says this can be difficult to accomplish but they are aware.
I’ve shown some mile markers on my map, attempting to correlate trail points of interest to where along highway 530 they might be.  Without signage on the highway or trail, it’s my best guess but it’s good enough to help you target your parking positions as you discover more of this trail. 
The wonderful wide hard packed gravel surface runs out at Swede Heaven Rd.  The remaining length of trail is very beautiful landscape on flat trail with some generous single track and all about single car width.  You will pass along the famous Bluegrass and Rodeo Grounds with stunning mountain scape views.  The trail ends in Darrington about 2 blocks from the grocery store. 
There is a river embankment blow out immediately west of 435th Ave NE and my map is wrong showing the damage east of 435th.  I recommend walking your bike on the very short footpath behind the barricades.  Scope out the situation before proceeding, bad weather is coming.    
Snohomish Parks & Recreation web site for this trail is very helpful and they’ve updated their information plus their map shows 4 future trailheads.  These are not open yet and there is no trail signage or services on the trail.  There are also plans for a short connection trail to an existing and very nice county campground.  There’s more camping available around Darrington.
Have a great time exploring this new and amazingly beautiful trail on bike or by foot.  Please drop me a line with any updates for my map and photos to share.  Stay well.
Janet bookbikehike@gmail.com