Hannegan Pass/ Hannegan Peak Hike

The legal limit of 6 people drove independently to the trailhead and were horrified to find hundreds of vehicles parked along the road. Fortunately we had been warned that this might be so but the trail would not be crowded. Apparently lots of people are out backpacking. The back country campsites are all booked up. As promised, the weather was pleasant, there were few if any blackflies, and the floral display was magnificent. Ruth mountain still has a large snowfield, water was pouring off Sefrit and the Nooksack Ridge, and the flowers continued to be gorgeous. Arriving at the pass, we decided to follow recommendations and climb up the peak trail for a while to get  even better views and even more flowers. One of our party went  ahead to the peak . The rest of us sat down and had lunch. After we thought we had enough sensory overload, we started down, meeting several groups of backpackers and some individual hikers who were coming up, but the trail was never crowded and most of the time we had it to ourselves. 
Another great day out with the Mt Baker Club!. Thanks to all the participants. I will be posting some pictures when I have sorted them out, but here is one to be going on with.

Photos can be seen here and here