Anderson Butte/Watson Lake Hike

Sunday morning 8 Mount Baker Clubbers met in Sedro Woolley in preparation for the Anderson/Watson outing.  A large circle was formed as we briefly said our hellos behind protective masks before heading up the mountain. Surprisingly we arrived at the trailhead in 6 different cars and all found parking on a Sunday morning. At the trailhead the temp was 70 degrees, the skies were clear and the air was crisp, fantastic day for a hike!  We left in 2 groups put together by speed requirements but continued to meet up with each other on the trail to check in with each other.  First stop was Anderson Butte where we enjoyed the North Cascades unobstructed from 5000 feet.  Spectacular.  2nd stop was Lower Watson Lake where we had lunch, 2 of us got into the water, and cooled off as we began feeling the unobstructed sun rays.  Great day with wonderful people at one of the North Cascades’ finest day hikes.  There were at least a dozen overnighters that were coming down the mountain as we went in, consensus amongst them is that they all experienced incredible skies as the night was clear and dry.  None reported seeing comet Neowise. Down by the lakes is a great place to see the stars, one member on this trip might put together an overnight outing to Watson Lakes for this year’s Perseid meteor shower next month.  

By spreading out on the trail we were able to take off our masks and breathe, and when we did get together as a whole or in smaller groups it was understood that masks went on.  Overall the small changes we made in order to hike were minimal when you take a step back and look at the big picture.  

Pics will be up on flickr soon.  Thanks to all who attended this memorable outing!

Michael Davis