Bike Because #14 – Centennial Trail North

Bike Because #14 – Centennial Trail North (with Sink Hole) – 27.4 miles round trip

That’s right, a sink hole has opened up on Centennial Wed the 17 so 1 mile of the trail is closed for repairs through the summer, the damage is right about in the middle.  Today, Jenn and I rode from Nakashima Farm’s Red Barn down the trail intending to do over half of the overall length.
We were thwarted with a full fence across the trail and no getting around it.  When home, I mapped the details and have posted an alternative route around using nearby roads.  This road detour is only 1.1 miles and parallels the trail so it barely adds anything to the overall length of Centennial and it’s basically flat.  Be advised, your southbound 67th Ave NE is a country road and has no shoulder, it does carry some but not heavy traffic.  Our fence was at Wade Rd.  You can jog onto 67th Ave NE, turn left and head down to Hilltop Rd to  turn left and get back onto Centennial to continue southbound.  Note – we did not bike this detour but opted instead to turn around for a cold coffee in Arlington.
The folks at Snohomish County Parks and Recreation have a sense of humor, so check out Jenn’s photo of their warning sign, they have bicyclists falling into the sink hole.  Are they trying to say something about bicyclists not obeying safety considerations?
As always, a ride along Centennial is a joy.  The lush and peaceful countryside, stopping to enjoy the Sillaguamish River, folks sharing smiles and greetings as we passed each other.  We got a late start and could feel the heat on our backs as we returned to the car.
Jen’s 2 photos are posted on Flick’r, and my map is on our Member’s Only Calendar page, all password required.  Janet