Bike Because #12 The Hills of Birch Bay

Bike Because #12 The Hills of Birch Bay.  31 miles or less, options to shorten and ride fewer hills are noted on the map.

This is a fabulous ride both up and down.  Basically quiet roads and terrific views all the way.  Co-vid makes for far less traffic in Birch Bay, an area I have always avoided most of the year.
There are various places to park your car but we like the north end of Gulf Rd out on the wooded refinery properties.  Details on the map.
The gated paved roads through all of the refineries out there provide excellent riding, dog walking and solitude – if you’ve never been there, check it out.  It can be difficult to see where these road gates are on Google Maps.  Please don’t block the gates when you park.
Almost every hill is do-able for anyone who’s been biking and knows how to hit a hill and when to shift gears.  There is no shame in walking a bike up so almost anyone will enjoy this ride.  The one big up as you approach the turn off for Semihamoo Spit can be avoided by using Shintaffer Rd over to Birch Bay plus you’ll shorten your miles.  The trade off is not circling the very beautiful Semihamoo Drive – woods, water, ladeda homes, little traffic and almost flat.
Riding your bike through the 2 big camping circles in the State Park is a wonderful side trip – the extensive canopy of very old fir and cedar trees has a special deep woods feeling you won’t find in many places these days.  You can exit through the park or continue past the park.  All 3 choices on the map have an uphill but the last one has the least effort.
Side trip to Pt White Horn Park or continue onto refinery land through the first yellow gate off Grandview.
A few photos are on our Flick’r page from both sunny and gray days.  The map as always is on our club members only page> calendar> Thursday Bike Because> click to see list of all club BB rides.