BB #10 – Berthusen Half & Half

BB #10 – Berthusen Half & Half.  22 or 28 miles.  

Half hilly and half flat.  Great to ride in either direction.

A perfect day to be biking and we opted to hit the hills first in the cool morning air.  Berthusen Park is a great place to start from, deep tree shade, picnic tables and bathrooms.  We rode counter-clockwise up onto the glacial ridge and turned west towards Blaine.  Fabulous views, wonderful farms and homes along the rolling hills.
We intended to ride the longer 28 mile loop using Valley View Rd and take a break at that shopping area on the Birch Bay Lynden Rd exit off I-5 with Woods Coffee plus The Market grocery has a very good deli service.  If you do the 28 miles, I’d recommend clockwise to enjoy the downhill on Valley View Rd to The Market.
I wanted to visit the charming but little known Whatcom County Park: The Jensen Family Forest Park.  This is not the Jansen family famous for Lynden’s Art Center and LTI – Lynden Transport trucking service.  From Haynie Rd you can ride down Stein Rd directly to the park.  This a beautiful stand of older trees with a fine hard pack trail winding among them.  There are two wood benches along the loop and a picnic table before you finish.  This shortened our ride to just over 22 miles and was worth it.  We are grateful this family preserved these woods for so long and were generous enough to make them a county park for all of us to enjoy.
It’s fun to have rides around both 20 and 30 miles.  Most Bike Because rides can be done in either direction.