Jim’s Therapy Hillsike Ride

BB #9 Jim’s Therapy Hills 17 miles.  Jim liked to ride this loop during his lunch hour, he must have been a blur to any bystanders.  It’s a great ride, yes it is hilly but not wicked, and you’re rewarded with wonderful downhills and interesting variety of views all along the way.  You probably haven’t been on some of these roads.

Best ridden counter-clockwise, it begins flat until you leave Anacortes.  Note that, after you pass under Mt Erie, you ride hwy 20’s great shoulder briefly until the first right turn onto Lunz Rd.  When Lunz brings you back to 20, you can stop for excellent fish eats at The Shrimp Shack.  Co-Vid means you must carry away your food.  We continued on our route maybe a quarter mile and just beyond our left turn was a broad shoulder pull with an excellent water view above a beach, perfect for lunch.  A few hundred feet back tracked and we took a right back onto our route.
My map shows you 3 similar ways back to your car in the METRO parking lot by Moka Joes.  You can add 6 more miles with a beautiful, flat ride around March Point.
As always, Map # 9 is on the Members Page Calendar and all Bike Because photos are in one album on our Flickr page.  Password required.