Everson to Berthusen Park Loop

BB #8 – Everson to Berthusen Park Loop 26 miles.

It was a splendid spring day for a ride and we were not disappointed.  We took off from Everson’s Riverside Park riding clockwise towards Lynden.  Farmers were taking their first cutting of grass so the air was sweet.  All of the mountains framing north county were out and shining white.
We crossed town through neighborhoods working our way over to Main Street, then onto Berthusen Park.  I never tire of this long standing beautiful grove of old trees.  There are an easy 2 miles of long trail loops in the park but if you use all of the connectors you can walk 4 or 5 miles.
Then it was north towards the border before we headed back east, all on quiet, flat farm roads.  The slight rise at Pangborn and Trapline has a very splendid vista in all directions and is worth a pause.  It was downhill all the way back to Everson and our car.
Thanks Jennifer for your moody Mt Baker photo from your BB#8 ride.