Vancouver and Heronry Bike Ride

Oh my, there were herons in many of the 100 nests right above us, what great fascination they were while we enjoyed our lunch.  We had a terrific bike ride from Richmond into the heart of downtown Vancouver on a splendid weather day. Our route was well signed as we moved through various environments: residential, shoreline, shopping, industrial, community gardens, and neighborhood parks. Crossing the Fraser River and Burrard Bridge was impressively simple and safe. We had only 4 blocks to the train station with no provision for bikes but the sidewalk was generous enough.

In the very quiet heart of the city we visited the charming, old fashioned Barclay Heritage Park surrounded by 9 historic wood turn-of-the-century homes including a museum and neighborhood senior centre.  Skytrain was 15 minutes to Richmond plus 1 1/2 mile pedal back to our cars.  18.6 miles.  A good time was had by all.

Nine came to ride but 2 got pulled aside at the border for being in the NEXUS lane without NEXUS passes.  Oops, they’d just followed another MBC car to the border without realizing their error.  We were able to all meet up with them at the heron colony.

A few said they’d wished to have been a bit warmer at the beginning before the sun and the pedaling stoked us.  Any cheap nylon jacket or pull-over will act as a wind-breaker, holding in more warm air for whatever layers you dressed in.   Janet bookbi…