Razor Hone Snowshoe

March 7, 2020
Eight of us met at Barkley village, including one slightly intimidated newby.  After sorting out the carpools we headed down the road, first stop Wake-n-Bake in Glacier for Coffee and a treat.  It was a busy place this Saturday morning but we got through without too much delay.  We arrived at the White Salmon Lodge parking lot with glorious sun shining but Shuksan was hiding in the clouds.  The parking lot plows had done their magic and totally obliterated the access down to the Lodge Trail as usual.  I managed to pick a pretty good route down through the rubble and we all made it safely.  The lodge trail was completely covered with about 12 inches of new snow so we took turns leading and breaking trail.  This was a new experience for some.  When we reached the White Salmon road at the noze we found it well tracked but not groomed.  From there on we started meeting others who, apparently with a much earlier start than us, were coming back from the Knob.  By the time we reached the Knob it was almost 1:00 and we were overdue for lunch.  The Camp robbers were overjoyed to see us, and they especially liked Saed who became fast friends with about four of them.  The trip back was enjoyable as we took two shortcuts, the Connector and Pete’s.  It was a very nice day in the snow.  Oh, and the newby did just great and is welcome back anytime.  Total distance about 3.5 miles. Photos on the Mt Baker Club Flickr album page.
Ed Alm