Ptarmigan Ridge Hike 8-6-19

Eight hikers left promptly at 8:30 am in two cars for Artist Point.  We were surprised to find the parking lot crowded on a weekday morning.  It was warm when we started hiking, but not overly hot for an August day.  It was clear with great visibility.  We crossed six or seven snow patches on Ptarmigan Ridge which were all slushy.  Microspikes were not needed but hiking poles were a big plus.  Half of the group who rode in the same car left early, but the other half continued on to a stunning view of a turquoise lake which gave the optical illusion of a watery cone rising in the middle.  We were also able to see several mountain goats feeding near the lake.  Around the corner from the lake was a spectacular view of Mount Baker, up close and personal.  It was a great day for a hike, thanks to those who participated.

Carla Knight