Boundary Way/Cowap Peak 8-12-19

Eleven of some of the best looking, most intelligent members of the MBC set off for the Boundary Way Hike. We started with a detour via Everson to avoid the Mount Baker Highway construction. The Forest Service road to the trailhead didn’t seem much worse from Owen’s hike, but it certainly didn’t get any better either. The rain had turned the potholes into puddles which made them easier to spot, but also hid how deep they were. Fortunately, no problems were encountered.

We started the hike in the clouds and had on again/off again mist for the rest of the day. It was all very pleasant to hike in. Mukter was the designated sponge that lead and soaked up all the moisture from the brush along the trail. There were some mushrooms sprouting from the recent rains and we all commented about the large size of the King Bollet mushrooms. Although the wild flowers were well past their prime, there was still a good show. We were also treated to a ground squirrel, grouse and pika. We ate lunch near the top of Cowap Peak, but did not traverse the chasm to reach the true summit due to the slippery rocks. We didn’t get to be our age by being dumb!

Thanks to the drivers and all who participated in the hike. Photos from the hike can be seen on the MBC Flickr Album page.

Jennie and Steve