Snowshoe to Artist Point

Is this January?  Blue bird sunny skies, 45°, not a breath of wind!  Twenty of us (plus 3) had a glorious day in the mountains.  We all conquered cardiac hill and made it to Artist’s Point where we met MBC members Kathy, Jake and Bud during our lunch at the top.  The snow was terrible for skiers, but easy traveling for snowshoers.  Some even packed their snowshoes away and just booted it on the compacted frozen snow. There were plenty of other folks enjoying the mountains as well, but not as many as we had feared – certainly not nearly the crowds they had over the weekend.  A few of us stopped at the Beer Shrine for refreshments and sustenance, i.e beer and pizza.

Total mileage was only 2.99 miles with 833 ft elevation gain (4250 to 5081 ft with a 943 feet cumulative elevation gain). It only seemed a lot worse. If you weighed as much as Steve you would have burned about 1000 calories.  Once we get our photo sharing situation resolved we’ll post some photos.  Please go ahead and add your photos to our DropBox account via the ‘Members Only’ page. You can go here to see a map of our route (You’ll notice the couple of detours that Steve took, including when he chased his runaway pole down a slope).

The whole group made a great day even better.

Jennie and Steve