Goat Mountain Hike

August 3 – Friday – Goat Mountain Hike – get your climb on! The road is a little rough, but as of early June ok for low clearance. Enjoy getting some great leg work done – this is not for those just getting into shape. We’ll be getting to at least 5100 feet. This is wilderness area and the group size is restricted to 12 people. Contact Meg Bushnell to sign up and get further details. 360-223-7629.


Trip Report


6 crazy old goats (the only ones seen on the mountain!) risked life, limb, and sanity clambering up to the meadow at Goat Mountain today. Rain predictions were dashed asunder, as nary a drop was seen. The views of Shuksan, Baker, and Sefrit were shrouded by clouds, but still scenic, a lovely site for lunch, and the temperature perfect for hiking. Intense discussions occurred about the specifics of the multiple wildflowers seen, including Pacific alpine azalea, paintbrush, lupine, spirea, columbine, and the Columbian/tiger lily. Wildlife sightings were few but charming – a pika was heard calling, and a grouse demanded the trail for a dirt bath. Clearly the altitude affected the old goats, as trotting back down the path they bleated out bits of beer commercial jingles, old TV songs and musical numbers including Gilbert and Sullivan, with a few highbrow recitations of Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll thrown in. (Small surprise that few other hikers were seen on the trail, likely cowering at the trailhead hoping to avoid the cacophony). The lower trail was in good condition, the upper had benefited from some recent brushing and erosion repair work by WTA although still represented quite a scramble up (it’s possible the lead goat assisted with that work, but how do goats handle trail tools?) It was a fine day, with only minimal whining about the climb up, and capped with pints all around at the Beer Shrine before returning to town and higher oxygen levels.

Photos will likely be posted to the Mt Baker Flickr site once available, stay tuned for that.