Boulder Ridge Hike

July 27 – Friday – Boulder Ridge Hike – This trail is more a boot track than a trail, used primarily by climbers as an alternate climbing route for Mount Baker. Our hike will be a total of 8 miles with a final elevation at 4500’ with an elevation gain of only 1300’. But the trail is sometimes indistinct, muddy and with lots of logs and roots, plus there are stream crossings, steep sections and sheer drop offs. The road to the trailhead is very rough and high clearance vehicles are highly recommended. Because we will be going into the Mt Baker Wilderness, we will limit the group to the first 10 that sign up. Northwest Forest Pass required. Recommended car pool fee of $5.00. Email Jennie and Steve at to sign up and get additional details.


Trip Report


The gang of twelve braved the FS roads to Rainbow Ridge.  The hike was a poster child for truth in advertising: Short hike to subalpine meadows – ✓; great views – ✓; chance to see bear and goats; snow fields in summer – ✓.  A long drive on terrible, TERRIBLE, forest service gravel roads – ✓; steep trail at spots – ✓; hot and sunny – ✓; some bugs – ✓; a poor boot track of a path with roots, mud, and severely eroded tread – ✓.  Hike up to the snow on the sub-alpine ridge for lunch – ✓.

The views were just a bit diminished because of the haze in the sky, but were still worth the effort to slog up the slope.  We split up after we reached the ridge in search of shade for our lunch break.  The sound of avalanches on Baker confirmed that temperatures were climbing.  On the way back, we saw a goat off in the distance.  No, wait, that was just a patch of snow.  Darn.  On the way down, Pam made sure we didn’t step on any of the herds, in nearly biblical concentrations, of western toads.  Some finished off the hike with a trip to Birdsview for a cold one.  A great group of hikers.  Thanks to Judith and Dirk for joining us in volunteering to drive through the FS road moguls!
Photos can be found on the MBC Flickr Album page.
Jennie and Steve