Pass Lake Loop/Ginnett Mine/Tursi Trail/Lighthouse Point

Trip Report

Eleven free spirits showed up at the Pass Lake parking lot in Deception Pass State Park, and enjoyed a little mud, a few mosquitoes, a bounty of beautiful flowers and the ups and downs of the Pass Lake loop/Ginnett/Tursi Trail. The leader said the elevation gain was negligible, but she really meant that the downs equaled the ups so the hike was essentially flat in the long run. Clearly she is not to be trusted. Then we all moved to Bowman Bay Park, where we enjoyed a well-deserved lunch on the beach in spectacular sunny weather, and then set off for a second short hike to Lighthouse Point.  You can find Steve’s photos on, but I include the following one here as a warning to future trip leaders–if lead your troop past a beach on a beautiful sunny day, they immediately disperse like dandelion fluff in the wind, and it will take a while to get them back on the trail, so plan accordingly.

It was a stellar day, two interesting hikes, and great company.  You shoulda been there!

If a scatterbrained mystery author can lead a hike and bring everyone back, you can, too!  The weather’s (finally) great and we need more trip leaders!  To lead a short-notice hike, just email and tell people where you’re going and what to expect, where to meet, and when. You’ll never hike alone! More info is available in the Members Login area of the Mount Baker Club website. Just do it!