Baker Lake North Trail to Noisy Creek

Trip Report

Four of us played hooky yesterday and enjoyed a 10 mile roundtrip hike to Noisy Creek.  Pre-hike we walked the Horseshoe Bend campground where the MBC is holding a camping trip in July to check out the digs.  Our group campsite is on a point in the Northernmost section of the campground on Baker Lake in a cozy cove.  Recommend that campers bring kayaks if you’ve got them.

We left the car at 10:30 as low clouds hung above us, during the next hour the clouds burned off and we were left with a truly classic Northwest Spring day.  Temps from 60-70 helped our stamina.

Though this trail meanders along the lake without climbing significantly until you begin the hunt for the granddaddy of all trees, we managed to climb (and drop) approx. 1600 feet total and put on 30,000 steps, more for Ms Beason of course.  Many streams and creeks were crossed, some on bridges, some on foot.  Water was flowing with vigor as the snow above melts rapidly thanks to a few warm days.

At lunch at the Noisy Creek campground espanich was espoken exclusively for a while, such a treat to find 4 of us who all speak and understand Spanish.  Defining the words “propina” vs. “idea” became a typical latino conversation rife with emotion and passion.

Over 132 identifiable shades of green were reported along the trail, remarkably different from our Whistle Lake/Mt Erie day where a nearly equal number of shades of gray were reported and logged.

Reports of a large, very large Douglas Fir were proven accurate, the granddaddy of all trees was found near Noisy Creek.  Check out the photos on flickr.  Go to and under “Members Login” click “Mount Baker Club Outing Photos (Flickr).

Dinner and beverages post-hike at Birdsview satisfied.


Michael Davis