Mt Baker Highway Litter Patrol

The first of three 2018 litter patrols was held on Tuesday along the Mt Baker Hwy, miles 37 – 39.  The Spring patrol is usually the heaviest, after a 6 month layoff.

The Good:  -A beautiful sunny day.

-Little traffic on the Hwy.

-The brush along the road has not fully opened, allowing us to see all the litter left behind.

The Bad:  -About eight bags of junk, mostly the usual collection of aluminum cans, beer bottles, cardboard, plastic, some clothing, road reflectors, and a few car parts. The worst of the bad…a soggy pamper.    People!!

-Keeping with tradition, nothing of value was found.

-In places, the road was dusty from all the winter sanding.

The Unknown:  -What are people thinking when they throw this stuff out the car window?

The next litter patrol should be in mid July.

The first photo to follow is of my crackerjack volunteer crew.  Thanks to Penny, Owen, and Sue.  The second photo shows me wondering if I was going to make it back to milepost 39, where I started.


Highway Litter