Rock Trail-South Lost Lake-Double Diamond Loop Hike

April 15 – Sunday: Rock Trail-South Lost Lake-Double Diamond Loop Hike – Approx 6 miles with steep down and up on the ends. We will begin the hike at Cyrus Gates Overlook (top of Cleator Rd) at 1 PM, hike 1200’ and 100+ steps down the steep Rock Trail, meet up with the South Lost Lake trail and follow it around to the junction of Double Diamond, where we will climb back up to the overlook, watching carefully for mountain bikers. Discover Pass Required for trailhead parking. Because there’s no convenient place for a group to stop and eat, this will be an afternoon hike, perhaps followed by a brew pub visit for those so inclined. Those wishing to carpool up to the overlook, which has limited parking, meet in FAIRHAVEN PARK at 12:30. Have an early lunch and join us there. For more information, email Pam


Trip Report

Seventeen intrepid hikers and a dog conquered the 100+ steps down the beautiful Rock Trail, and then strolled along the muddy South Lost Lake trail. Finally, we finally burned thigh muscles and calories climbing up the Double Diamond into the growing mist, and thankfully avoided embracing a few mountain bikers crashing down the trail.  Then most of us moved on to take over the fire pit at Stone’s Throw brewpub in Fairhaven to savor the beer we had earned. It was a good hike and great company, both on the trail and in the pub.