Dock Butte

July 30 – Sunday – Mike Davis Trip Leader.  8:30am – 4pm

Hike to Dock Butte and Blue Lake.  This is one of the more scenic short hikes in the area, approximately 5 miles round trip with a 1500 foot elevation gain.  Sweeping views of Mount Baker, Baker Lake, Sauk Mountain, and the Skagit Valley can be seen once we scramble to the top of the Butte.  For more detailed information click: .  This is considered a medium difficult hike with a small stretch of hands and feet climbing up a rocky face.  Northwest Forest Pass is required for this trailhead.  $5. Carpool fee suggested.  Very likely we will stop at the Birdsview Brewery for a bite and beverage after the hike.  Departing at 8:30am from REI Sehome parking lot to the Cook Road Park & Ride exit at 9am (this is the dirt park and ride alongside I-99 just south of Cook Rd, 100 yards off I-5). Questions call Michael at 708.302.9177 or email at


Trip Report


22 “Clubbers” showed up to hike to Dock Butte Sunday.  Once we made it up the long and dusty road to the trailhead we fractured into smaller groups which lessened the impact on the trail and allowed us to walk at paces more comfortable to individuals.  The trail to the Butte was in good shape, and included dry, muddy, rocky, and snowy surfaces for us to navigate.  The warm day softened any dangerous trail ice and all were able to navigate the short trail to the butte.  One last quick scramble up the butte face for most of us and some of the best views in Skagit County were offered up, If you like 360 degree views of Mt Baker, Shuksan, Baker Lake, deep wooded valleys, Park Butte, Sauk Mtn, Skagit Valley, Puget Sound, etc etc etc.


A few of us stopped at Blue Lake on the way down the hill, and one of us decided to cool off in the chilly lake.  Post hike many of us enjoyed the patio at Birdsview with some delicious beverages, along with some warm and interesting conversation.


Flickr photos that can be found here.