Rockport State Park and Rasar State Park Hike

Friday, April 7

Hike 4 miles through old-growth forests and along small woodland creeks at Rockport State Park and then head to Rasar State Park for a 1 mile hike across open fields and along the picturesque Skagit River. Easy hiking with 270 feet of elevation gain. Group can then decide on option to stop at Birdsview Brewery. Will leave REI Parking Lot (400 36th St, Bellingham) promptly at 8:30AM and anticipate returning to REI by 4:00 PM if we stop at the brew pub. Suggested carpool fee $5. A Discover Pass is required. Contact Jennie & Steve for more information – or 360-656-5216.
Tip Report
The dauntless dozen hiked the Evergreen, West Loop Interpretive, Skagit View and Sauk Springs trails at Rockport State Park.  Well, compared to the rest of this spring we’ve had, the weather wasn’t too bad.  Not too chilly, only occasional rain and even some sun breaks.  We were fortunately too early for the forecasted high winds.  There were a lot of old blow-downs that toppled quite a few giants.  There was evidence of recent storm debris that had been cleared (thanks state parks!).  We heard a barred owl and some Pacific wrens (spring IS here).  The only obvious wildflowers out were the trillium and skunk cabbage.  The creeks and rivulets were running well with all of the rain and the pleasant sound of small cascading brooks was never far away.  As always, the big trees impressed.  It started to rain pretty hard so we decided to forego the Raser hike and went directly to Birdsview.   Quite a few of us tried the featured clam chowder.  We heard tell that the India Pale Lager and the Sas-scotch were pretty good too.  Photos are on the MBC Flickr album page.

Jennie and Steve