Avalanche Awareness Training

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 11th, 12 club members joined me for our annual Avalanche Avoidance snowshoe at Heather Meadows.  Despite the recent arctic-like Fraser Canyon winds our day was sunny, blue sky, and calm with not a hint of a breeze.  We took our time with plenty of stops to discuss considerations and methods for avoiding avalanches and enjoyed practicing snowshoe techniques along the way.  Special thanks to Ed Alm who provided sweep duties and technical assistance to those new to snowshoes and to Steve Tuckerman who led the group on the return leg of the outing.  Afterward, Ed and I proceeded to Huntoon Point to enjoy the sun setting behind the crater of Mt Baker and the rising of the “Wolf” moon from behind the sharply peaked high point of Shuksan Arm.  We had Huntoon Pt to ourselves the entire evening but scattered about the surrounding terrain were freshly dug snowcaves being used by others enjoying the spectacularly scenic and calm conditions.  Wishing you all enjoyable and safe winter outings.



Photos of the training can be found here.