Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve Hike

Saturday January 28

Explore 6 miles of hiking and biking trails and 8 miles of gated forest roads available for exploration through second-growth forest, gorges, past two waterfalls, and up to a scenic overlook for a peek-a-boo view of Lake Whatcom and Bellingham. Carpool from Sunnyland Elementary School parking lot at 9:30. The trailhead parking lot is off Lake Louise Road near Sudden Valley Gate 9. We except to arrive at trailhead at 10:00 for anyone wanting to meet there. Bring snack or lunch. Email questions to Carol: wildiscalling@gmail.com.

Trip Report
The chance to strength our legs without having to drive far, and enjoy a pleasant January day with good company was fulfilled by a record breaking 29 of us on a hike to Lookout Mountain today!! We looked liked a army of ants covering the hill until we began to spread out!!

In addition to lively conversations with old and new friends we were treated to views of a waterfall and the top of Mt. Baker on the 3.6 mile hike.

And let it be known that I’m proof that anyone can “lead” a hike. Even with my poor sense of direction (and poor memory to boot), there’s usually someone in the group that helps keeps us on the right track!! ; )

~Carol Spano