Ebey’s Landing Hike

Saturday January 14

Near Coupeville, this is a 5 1/2 mile walk along clifftops and back along the beach, with (weather permitting) great views of Baker, Puget Sound and the Olympics. Mostly gentle walking, but with a steep exposed switchback section down to the stony beach. Expect wind. Suggested carpool donation $6. Meet at Chuckanut Park-and-Ride to leave at 9:00. The outing may be cancelled if the forecast is bad. Contact Owen Bamford for more information, owen.bamford@gmail.com or 360-393-3481.

Trip Report

It was a beautiful crisp day, clear, sunny and windless, as seventeen people started from the cemetery parking lot and strung themselves out along the trail. Admiralty Inlet, the  Olympics and Mt. Baker showed up in stunning detail, and we could just make out Rainier. The well-posted trail leads past the 1860 blockhouse 0.8 miles to the clifftop, where we turned right and headed up to the bluff. Some of the footing was slick where the surface of frozen mud had melted in the sun, but mostly it was firm all the way to the point where the Bluff trail ends and a trail switchbacks down the steep bluff face to the beach. Conveniently placed logs at the beach made for a good lunch spot, where we discussed seabird identification, watched a loon wrestling with a flounder, and basked in the sun. Eventually we worked up enough energy to walk back the 2 1/2 miles along the beach to Ebey’s Landing, then up the path to rejoin the Bluff trail back to the parking lot. Total mileage was about 5,  with a change in elevation of around 200′- so, not really a workout, but a delightful day out. Thanks to everyone who came along.
Owen Bamford