Sharpe Park – Montgomery – Duban Headlands Hike

Saturday, December 3, 2016  10am – 5pm

Located at 14692 Rosario Road, south of Anacortes. Sharpe Park is a hidden gem of Skagit County Parks with more than 110 acres of pristine second-growth forest and views of Rosario Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Sares Head walk is an easy 1.5 mile round-trip. Additional trail choices can extend the hike to a 2.14-mile loop, including steeper terrain that takes you down closer to the water. A haven for bird and storm watching. No permits required. Meet at Sunnyland at 10:00am. Carpool fee $5. Could be canceled if raining. Contact Carol at for more information.


Trip Report

Seems we got lucky last Saturday on our hike in the “banana belt” of Anacortes beating the previous rain and the bitter cold we’re experiencing now!  Eleven of us enjoyed the day hiking the salsa lined trail highlighted with madronas and their gorgeous green, cinnamon brown, and red smooth bark ladened with berries at this time of year.  We stopped for views of Puget Sound and the islands for photo opts along the buffs (see some photos here).

We didn’t see any other hikers until we were just about back to our cars. With numerous places to lounge on rocks I don’t think this would be the same scenario when the weather is sunny.

It was a pleasant 3 hour hike and there were just enough ups and downs on trail to get a work out or,  if you needed justification for indulging afterwards.

~Carol Spano