Vancouver Bridge to Bridge Loop

Thursday, September 8

A NEW BC ride and not for the faint of heart. This is an amazing urban ride circling the harbour and crossing 2 major bridges. We are on bicycle paths much of the time and bike lanes the rest with no big traffic roads. We climb up those bridges and down the other sides, so we fly down through the center of Stanley Park (protected sidewalk), otherwise the trail is flat. Much is city parks, waterfront, some industrial, some changing neighborhood but all bicycle mapped and signed. We’ll travel stop and go for mapping and traffic lights. Coffee is everywhere. BYOL or eat at Lonsdale Quay. 8 miles. You’ll see new places and parks and be impressed with Vancouver’s ever expanding network of bike trails. We’ll pass North Van’s MEC store….(Canada’s version of REI). There’s more to see and do than we’ll have time for. Terrific views abound, bring your camera. Meet 8 a.m. at Edaleen Dairy on the Guide, park in their gravel lot. Please try to carpool, driving maps are provided but we al- ways fear for a lost car getting to a trailhead and no one uses a cell phone in Canada. This is big city driving to a water- front park parking area. One bridge will be crossed to get to our trailhead (modest fee) but at least the kids have gone back to school and summer traffic has slowed down. Passports.