Central Valley Corridor and BC Parkway, Vancouver

Thursday, September 15

Another NEW BC ride. We plan to combine 2 trails into a loop of about 18 miles. Both are city neighborhood greenbelt pathways that follow transportation corridors and string several city parks along the way. There’s artwork and wall murals along much of the way and plenty of coffee choices. The west end reaches the city’s Seawall, another popular MBC ride. It really is quite amazing to explore Vancouver’s bicycle network, particularly those rides on pathways off road or with some dedicated bike lanes. I’ll post more information on this ride as we get closer to the date. If we are a small group, it is possible to Sky Train ourselves with bikes one way, and that’s a unique round trip experience. Bring a few dollars in Canadian money in case we Sky Train (no US), and for parking, you can’t always count on credit or debit cards. Meet 8 a.m. Edaleen Dairy on the Guide, park in their gravel lot. BYO food. Please try to carpool, driving maps are provided but we always fear for a lost car getting to a trailhead and no one uses a cell phone in Canada. This is big city driving to a parking lot. One bridge will be crossed to get to our trailhead (modest fee). Passports.