Fossil Hike (Racehorse Creek)

fossilSaturday June 11, Racehorse Creek Fossil Hike- In January, 2009, a giant landslide occurred in the Mount Baker foothills east of Deming. This slide exposed sandstone beds that contain a diverse variety of 50 million year old fossils. This hike will provide a close-up view of the slide, but the real purpose is to look at fossils. The leader, George Mustoe, is the paleontologist who first described these fossils. Hike is short but arduous, gaining about 600 feet in approx one mile. A visit to Racehorse Falls will also be part of this outing. High clearance vehicles and carpooling recommended. Depart Sunnyland School at 9:30 AM. Party size limit is 15. If you want to reserve a spot, please email me at, or call me at 734-3711.
Sat Jun 11, 2016
Sunnyland Elementary School, 2800 James St, Bellingham, WA 98225, United States (map)

Trip Report

What a great hike today, led by George Mustoe. George took us up Mosquito Lake Rd to the site of an old land slide that occurred back in 2009 near Racehorse Falls. We were not disappointed in the number and types of fossils we found, and the geological history George provided helped put it all in perspective. It allowed us to appreciate what we might have otherwise simply stepped over.
I think George has raised the bar for MBC hike leaders, as it’s hard to imagine a better hike than we had today–a little challenging terrain, great views, good weather, and many learnable moments.
Thank you, George, for giving us the opportunity to share in some of your knowledge! You may be retired from teaching, but you are certainly still helping people to learn, and in the most fun way possible.